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Shane Bishop

4 months ago

I think it's an interesting idea, one of the tricky bits would be how to deal with media uploads and their thumbnails. For certain scenarios, we must process all the "sizes" for any given upload all together.

Some current things you can do would be to use the EWWW_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_SKIP_SIZE override from You could also disable some of the smaller sizes on the Resize tab.

And a little side note regarding the credits, it is indeed a given fact that "not all credits are equal", but they are based on the average size across millions of images that we compress. So think of it as a 1.7M image you get more than you paid for, and at 4.6kb, you get less. It all comes out in the end, but you're certainly welcome to use the above options to maximize the value you get from our API :)

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